6 Reasons to Hire a Corporate Event Planner

Hosting a corporate event can be extremely demanding. Balancing budget restraints, menu planning, decor selection, and logistics needs is not easy, which is why companies planning large or detailed events should consider hiring an event planning professional.

While hiring a corporate event planner does come with a cost, it can actually wind up saving a company money in the long run. We’ve put together a list of 10 reason to consider hiring an event planner for your next event.

1. Budget Restraints and Vendor Recommendations

One piece of advice we give our customers is to always be up front about your budget so that vendors know within what constraints they should be working. An experienced corporate event planner generally knows what costs to expect, so they can help keep track of your overall spending and suggest ways to help you stay within your budget.

Additionally, through their relationships with various vendors, an event planner can help to recommend options based on the amount you have set to spend in each category. For example, we work closely with Paper Pleasers, a local company that makes invitations, menu cards, stationery, and place cards. Because of our relationship with them, we are able to recommend either a low, medium, or high package based on the client’s budget.

2. Skilled Negotiation

An event planner’s job is to impress your guests while sticking within your budget. This means that there will most likely be some negotiating to make your vision a reality. Hiring an event planner can take this off of your plate and can help to ensure you get the best rate for things like venue booking, rental items, shuttle services, and catering.

3. Choosing a Theme and Planning for Decor

These days, it’s all about differentiation. Whether it’s an awards ceremony for 200 people, an employee appreciation luncheon for 500 people, or a casual company picnic for 1,500 people, companies are looking for ways to stand out among the crowd. An event planner can help you determine a creative theme for your event and help to make sure your decor, from invitations to centerpieces, is consistent.

4. Menu Planning and Catering Selection

A good meal with great service is one of the best ways to impress your guests. A corporate event planner can help to make menu recommendations based on your theme, including the menu selections and the style of meal. While a plated meal may be more appropriate for an awards banquet, small bites may be better suited for a store opening celebration. An event planner will know the best way to fit the food to the mood you’re creating.

5. Event Timeline, On-Site Coordination, and Vendor Contact

A corporate event planner will be able to assist with not only creating the event timeline, but also making sure things are running on time the day of the event. They will also confirm all vendor contracts and arrival times, and will be the point of contact for your vendors at the event.

Additionally, having a planner on site means any technology requirements will be met. From adjusting the lighting to queuing up a slideshow, your corporate event planner will be there to ensure all aspects of the presentation go as planned.

6. It’s Their Job

Too often, the task of planning an event falls on the administrative assistant or marketing director. While these team members are great at their areas of expertise, they may not have the proper tools or knowledge – or time – to adequately plan an event. Corporate event planners can devote 100% of their time to making sure your event is produced flawlessly and that your guests are thoroughly impressed.

If you are in need of a corporate event planner for your next event, please contact our Event Coordinator, Wendi, at (262) 662-4201 or send an inquiry email to info@bubbs.com!


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