How to Save Money on your Wedding: Little Things that Add Up

Image via Romanzar

Welcome to the seventh and final post in our series about how to save money on your wedding! If you’re just tuning in, make sure to check out our other posts on the subject:

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the little things that can add up without you even realizing it. Cutting away some of these things can really help you get costs down so that you’ll have money to spend where you really want to.
Be up front with your vendors about your budget. Some people try to conceal their budget in the hopes of getting a better deal, but revealing your budget right away can help your vendors present you with realistic options you can afford. This can also save you time, as you’ll know which places are out of your budget right off the bat.
Ask your talented friends to help you out! Know someone with pretty penmanship? See if they’ll address your envelopes for you. Have a friend who’s studying photography? See if they would be willing to do the pictures for your wedding. You can offer appropriate compensation without breaking the bank. If someone offers you their service as a gift, say yes!
Sign up for newsletters from different wedding websites. You may receive coupons or special deals for something you need! A good way to keep track of wedding related emails without flooding your regular inbox is to create a wedding-specific email address (for example,
Save on delivery fees by having friends and family pick up things like flowers and desserts.
Take advantage of a credit card with a good points program; however, confirm with your vendors if they have an extra processing fee for paying with this method. Sometimes adding 3-5% on to the overall cost is not worth the savings in points. 
Avoid using the word wedding if you can. Some vendors will automatically mark up prices simply because it’s a wedding.
Ask to pay in cash for a discount. There are many vendors who will take a small percentage off if you pay the entire bill in cash. It may only be 5-10% of the final cost, but every little bit counts when you’re paying for a wedding!
Hire a film or photography student to do your pictures or your wedding video. Oftentimes, students will be willing to offer lower rates in order to build their portfolio. Make sure to go through the same selection process with a student as you would a professional photographer so that you are happy with the results.
For the day of, as best as you can, stick to the schedule. Photographers, videographers, DJs, and musicians may charge more if you go over your specified times.
Image via The Pinnacle List

Hopefully you have found some helpful information in our blog series. As always, happy planning!


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