How to Save Money on your Wedding: The Garments

Image via Danielle Simone Photography

Welcome to the sixth post in our series about how to save money on your wedding! You can see the other posts here:

It’s often said that once you have the dress, the other details of the wedding just start to fall in place. But picking out the garments for the big day can sometimes be a stumbling block because they’re usually very expensive. We’ve put together some ways to help you (and your wedding party!) save on some of the traditional costs.
The Wedding Dress
Right off the bat, try searching for dresses that aren’t specifically a “wedding dress.” For example, you may try looking into prom dresses or bridesmaids dresses. Here are some that we found that could easily work as a wedding dress and are quite a bit less expensive:
BHLDN Brooklyn Dress in Champagne – $280.00
David’s Bridal Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress in Ivory – $199.95
ASOS Boohoo Boutique Embellished Floral Maxi Dress – $79.00
There are several websites where you can rent your wedding dress instead of buying it. Wedding dress rentals often range from $200.00 – $2,000.00, and there is usually a damage deposit assessed. You can usually find designer dresses that would normally be out of your budget for a reasonable price. Take a look at some popular websites below:

You can also look into buying a pre-owned wedding dress. Compared to renting, there are many pre-owned options available, sometimes starting as low as $100.00. We’ve listed some websites that seem to have some of the best options:
The Suit

In the past, most people have planned for the groom and the groomsmen to rent tuxedos. People are now leaning towards having the male side of the wedding party buy coordinating suits of the same color. The plus side to this is that it’s usually far less expensive than renting a tuxedo, and (bonus!) the groom and his men will have a nice suit to keep. 
Stores like Boston Store, Men’s Warehouse, Jos. A. Bank, and Macy’s will all have this option. You can often find good sales, and the groom and groomsmen simply go in to have any alterations made. This is a nice way to have a uniform look without breaking the bank.
Check out some of the looks that are popular right now:
Jos. A. Bank Slim Fit Mini Check Suit – $168.00
Men’s Warehouse Wedding Party Linen Suit – $349.99
Boston Store: English Laundry Plaid Suit – $199.99
The Bridesmaids Dresses
One of the most recent trends is something that all bridesmaids love – mismatched dresses. Not only does this give your girls the option to pick a dress that is most flattering on them, it can also save them quite a bit of money.
To hop on this trend, you simply give your bridesmaids general specifications as to how the dress should look, and have them OK their choice with you.
For example, you could choose a long dress with a neutral color palette.
Image via Danielle Simone Photography
Or, you could opt for a shorter dress with a sequin theme.
Image via Andria Lindquist
Whatever choice you make, your bridesmaids will thank you!

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