Set the Table: Thanksgiving

As we get closer to one of our favorite holidays, we’ve been browsing the Internet looking for unique and festive ways to set the table. Take a look at some of the things that have inspired us:

Turkey Everything

We’re really loving the idea of turkeys on the table, and not just the ones you eat! Whether it’s a plate or a centerpiece, a turkey can really give you that Thanksgiving/Autumn look.

Image via Ciao! Newport Beach
Image via Between Naps on the Porch
Image via Digs Digs


Autumn brings about some of the most natural beauty there is! Bring some of it inside by using logs, pine cones, leaves, twigs, and more on your table. It gives the perfect Fall look.

Image via Take the Side Street
Image via Sweet Something Designs
Image via Zing!
Image via Digs Digs

Hints of Gold

If you go overboard, using gold on your table can look gaudy. However, if you have little hints of gold scattered about, it brings a magical feel to the table and the evening.

Image via Anyone Can Decorate
Image via Fab Housewife
Image via Green Style Gallery


Since everything else has pumpkins in the Fall (think Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkin pies, etc.), why not use them to decorate your table? You can go with a rustic look, or you can make things look a little more elegant.

Image via Far Above Rubies
Image via The Art of Doing Stuff
Image via Jenna Burger Design


If you’ve had too much orange and yellow this season, try decorating your table with burgundy accents. It’s a great way to give a sophisticated look to your evening.

Image via ProFlowers
Image via Style and Check
Image via Ruffled Blog

Feeling inspired yet?

The great thing about these ideas is that you can combine two or three to make the perfect Thanksgiving table for you. Happy decorating!


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