Perfectly Patriotic Party Foods

The 4th of July weekend is almost here! The list of things we’re excited for is almost endless: festive parades, backyard BBQs, fireworks displays, grilled meats, cold beverages, sunshine (finally!), sparklers, hot dogs, ice cream, family time…we could go on forever.

Whether you’re hosting a patriotic party, spending some quiet time with family, or attending a get-together, you’re bound to be inspired by something in our list of 4th of July-themed foods that are fun to make and sure to impress. And, just because it’s a holiday, we’re starting with dessert first.

This American pie flag is a tasty treat! If you use store-bought pie crust and filling, you can whip this up in under a half hour.

From The Winthrop Chronicles

For those who prefer cake to pie, try these red velvet cupcakes.

From Your Cup of Cake

To make this snack display, use blue corn tortilla chips, hummus, and sliced red peppers. Healthy and delicious!

From Pear Tree Greetings

This is so simple, we can’t believe we haven’t thought of it sooner. Simply put blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries in white paper cones and voilà: patriotic!

From Camille Styles

4th of July pizza is perfect for adults and kids alike! This recipe uses very simple ingredients, but you can alter it to your liking.

From Taste of Home

Happy Summer!



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