Get Crafty With Your Wedding

Wedding season is here, people! Here at Bubb’s, that means we’re getting ready for one of the busiest times of the year.

We love wedding season because we get the chance to work so many events that provide new inspiration for food, presentation, and design. It helps us to keep up with trends in the industry and to stay creative.

We’ve compiled some ideas to help make your wedding planning a little more fun (and save you some money, too!).

A good place to start is with these customized envelopes from Swoon Studio. You can choose to paint the paper yourself, or use a piece of scrapbook paper that you love!

Why not save money on wedding invitations with a free, printable invitation suite? You can find many free templates online, but one of our favorites is this Tandem Bike Invitation Suite from Wedding Chicks. You can even customize the individual pieces with your names and wedding colors!
Instead of throwing rice or confetti, we like the idea of having your guests blow bubbles! It makes for beautiful wedding photos and is much easier to clean up. Try this scented bubbles tutorial from JoJo & Eloise.
For a creative way to incorporate flowers into your wedding reception, take a look at this carnation garland from Proper. It’s an inexpensive way to add a pop of color!
These are only a few of our favorite ideas. You can adapt these to work for your wedding, and you can find many more tutorials online.
Feeling inspired yet?

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