Delightful Drink Recipes for your Signature Cocktail

We’re working on a wedding for one of our former employees who asked us to feature a signature cocktail along with our bar service. At All Occasions Catering and Bubb’s BBQ, we love a challenge, so of course we said yes!

There are many different ways to pick out your signature cocktail. Some wedding sites suggest creating a drink whose color matches your flowers. Others say to consider what your guests would be most likely to drink. We say go with something fun! This is your night and you get to do it your way, so think of a drink that you both like and pick a version that has a fresh twist. This idea works well because some people will prefer the classic version of your cocktail.

For some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of variations on classic cocktails that would be perfect for any wedding reception.

Blood Orange Mojioto (BS In the Kitchen)

Mojitos are delicious on their own, but add in some blood orange juice and we’re drooling! These would go great with any menu, but we like the idea of featuring it with Mexican-inspired cuisine.
Pomegranate Old Fashioned (Tasting Table)
Who doesn’t love a great old fashioned? This recipe offers up a fruity twist that your guests will love.
Blackberry Thyme Champagne (Anthro Blog)
For your champagne toast, try this champagne cocktail that will have your guests feeling bubbly!
Bloody Roman (1000 Cocktails)
Having a lunch-time reception? Check out the Bloody Roman, the Bloody Mary’s spicy cousin. Warning – this cocktail is not for the faint of heart!
Mango Collins (
This version of the traditional Collins substitutes vodka for gin and adds mango juice. This cocktail would be perfect for a destination wedding, or just a tropical-themed wedding reception.
If you didn’t already know, the Moscow Mule is back! We like this version that packs a punch with cucumber and blueberries, but we especially like the idea of serving your signature drink in copper mugs.
Amaretto Southern (Southern Fatty)
For a real treat, pair this variation on the Amaretto Sour with one of our Bubb’s BBQ menus!
Shirley Temple Black (Bay Area Bites)
Everyone loves a Shirley Temple, but add some booze and now you’re talking!
Whatever you’re thinking for your signature cocktail, make sure to talk to you caterer (or whoever provides your bar service) in advance. Share the recipe with them, and talk through how it’s going to work. With a little planning and a lot of creativity, you can have a drink that will make your night feel extra special!
Do you have any twists on classic cocktails? Make sure to share your recipes in the comments!

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